European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) was first launched in 2020 by Euclid Network (EN) to provide reliable and comparable data on the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. In the 2021-2022 period, the study is supported by the European Commision and the number of countries scaled from eight to 21 with the contribution of national partners within the Network.

ESEM is the first social enterprise monitor on the European level. The expected positive impact of the ESEM study are: 

  • generating data on social enterprises for decision-makers, government officials, investors, researchers and impact practitioners
  • providing evidence on the needs of social enterprises for EU and national legislation, policies and funding
  • providing a space for ESEM country partners to learn from each other and become more aware of each other’s support programs, funding and advocacy work
  • accelerating the efforts to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 with a more powerful social entrepreneurship ecosystem 

12. Hungary: Társadalmi Vállalkozás Koalíció (Social Enterprise Coalition Hungary)

13. Ireland: Irish Social Enterprise Network and Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland 

14. Italy: Politecnico di Milano 

15. Latvia: Social Enterprise Association Latvia (SEAL)/(Latvijas Sociālās Uzņēmējdarbības Asociācija) 

16. Poland: University of Warsaw 

17. Serbia: Smart Kolektiv and Koalicija za razvoj solidarne ekonomije (KoRSE)/ (Coalition for Solidarity Economy Development) 

18. Slovenia: Skup and Sklad 05 (Fund 05) 

19. Switzerland: Social Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland (SENS Suisse) 

20. The Netherlands: Social Enterprise NL 

21. Türkiye: Türkiye Social Entrepreneurship Network (TSEN)/ (Türkiye Sosyal Girişimcilik Ağı)